Chevrolet Monza Six-Wheeler
Chevrolet Monza Six-Wheeler
Chevrolet displayed this Monza '6-wheeler' at the 67th annual Chicago Auto Show that ran from February 22 to March 2, 1975.  This trailering concept car featured a 1975 Monza 2+2 hatchback and a matching fibreglass trailer both of which had a coordinated two-tone paint scheme.  The upper body was painted Candy Apple Red (including the side ventilation louvers) while the lower body was a Pearl White.  A three-colour stripe blended the top and bottom colours.

I had a friend add some colour to the above picture to better show what this car and trailer might have looked like since, at the time, the above B&W picture is the only known shot of this trailering concept.
Many Thanks to Jason Arias for the work on this colour photo.
This trailering concept was used for the Auto Show circuit to encourage the use of trailer towing options and equipment.  It was also hoped it would help convince compact car owners that trailering and camping were possible with a small car.  I have since found that Chevy Action (January 1976, pages 56 & 57) had a 2-page article on this concept with numerous photos, including a colour shot on the cover.