monza GT
    The Monza GT was a unique decor and equipment package available only in 1978.  The GT equipment option was given an RPO code of Z29 and included the Monza GT lettering and lower body side striping as well as black wheels and other black accents (window trim etc.) and "Monza GT" fender emblem.  The striping was available in six colours keyed to all 14 exterior colour options for 1978 (see chart below for colour options).  The GT striping could also be ordered seperate from the black wheels and accents by using the D88 RPO Code (Sport Striping).  One could also order the Z29 GT package without the D88 Striping, which would get you the Monza GT script decals, the black wheels and accents, but no stripes.  Both the hatchback and coupe (but not the Sport Hatch and Sport Coupe models) could be ordered with the Monza GT package.  Unfortuantely I have no production number breakdowns for either RPO Code.  I also have no pictures of a real GT so if you have one, please forward it to me so I can post it for all to see.

Although dealership and sales literature went to print in May of 1977 with the GT package as an option, apparently it never saw the light of day.  According to Chevrolet's 1978 Product Description Manual (see right) the Monza GT Package was cancelled September 29, 1977 before any could have rolled off the assembly line.  

There is a very remote possibility that a few could have been made from the beginning of 1978 production (3rd week of August) to its cancellation at the end of September, unless, of course, this option package was set for a mid-year introduction.  Still hoping one might appear and surprise us.

One monza hatchback owner's conception of what the GT could have been.