Second Generation GM H-Body
 Production Numbers
Below is just the beginning of what will be a huge collection of production figures for Monza, Skyhawk, Starfire and Sunbird ... also working on Vega & Astre figures.
(Brian Jackson has worked tirelessly to procure this information from General Motors and The Sloan Museum.  I have to give credit where credit is due, I just colated all the information into easy-to-read formats and uploaded it online.  None of this would be available without Brian's efforts.)
Chevrolet Monza Figures
Special Edition Figures
Buick Skyhawk Figures
Oldsmobile Starfire Figures
Pontiac Sunbird Figures
Total Second Generation GM H-Body Figures
Below is an example of an item found under the spare tire of a 1977 Oldsmobile Starfire and found by 'OldsStarfire'.  It is dated December 22, 1976 and titled "Hardware Build Schedule" and is from the Ste. Therese plant in Quebec, Canada.  The picture of this document shows a partial listing of the cars assembled during a small timeframe, their VIN#s (Serial Numbers) and major options that were to be applied to which vehicle.  It is a very unique look into the heart of the assembly line and how things were done in December of 1976.  I have taken this information and transfered it into an excel file so it is easily understandable and readable.  Hopefully the rest of the 10 pages of this document can be seperated and read.