The Skyhawk striping option was available throughout the entire 6-year model run.  This striping was part of the WH3 Appearance Group (included left-hand sport mirror, wheel opening molding and exterior ornamentation) which was standard on all S07 Skyhawk models but was an extra-charge option on the lower priced T07 Skyhawk 'S'.  The striping was a simple 2-width stripe running along the entire length of the car and around the rear below the taillights.  It also featured a set of identical stripes starting at the front facia, above the grill opening, wrapped around the Skyhawk header emblem and ran up the middle of the hood to the cowl.  Buick Skyhawk striping was only available in Gold, Black and White.
Production Numbers

1975 - 28,384 S07 + 370 WH3 = 28,754
1976 - 24,510 S07 + 3,242 WH3 = 27,752
1977 - 18,213 S07 + 2,265 WH3 = 20,478
1978 - Unknown S07 + Unknown WH3
1979 - 24,589 S07 + Unknown WH3
1980 - Unknown S07 + 698 WH3

Total - Unknown