Graphics Package
In 1979, Pontiac offered a portion of their 
premier Special Edition, the Formula, to 
potential buyers who did not want to shell 
out the money for the whole package or 
just prefered something less.  The 
Black Graphics Package was just the ticket.  
This package included the following: black painted windshield, side and rear window mouldings, grill and lower body and was given an RPO Code of WU9.  This was, obviously, included as part of the larger W66 Formula Package.  Only 1 example has been found and only very recently but a trim tag and build sheet was also provided which confirmed the existence of this rare item.

Pontiac Sunbird                                                                                 Trim Tag from the above
Black Graphics Package                                                                    WU9 optioned Sunbird.
production figures.                                                                             This tag has the 'U9' at                                                                                                                 the far right of the 3rd
1979 -  1,157                                                                                        line verifying the Black
1980 -     836                                                                                        Graphics Package.

Total - 1,993