Sport Coupe
  The Monza Sport Coupe was not so
much a special edition car as it was an
option in front end appearance
compared to the standard Monza
Coupe.  The standard Coupe features a
bright grill with dual round headlights
and a steel bumper.  Ordering the
"Sport Front End Appearance" - '76/
"Sport Styling Package" - '77 (RPO
Code Z87) upgraded the Coupe's front
end with that found on the Sport
Hatchback.  A soft body-coloured
eurethane facia with built-in bumpers
in behind and quad-rectangular
headlights were part of the package, as well as the hood to match, one with a large centre hump.  The rear end of the Sport Coupe was not altered, but part of this package included rear bumper rub strips and guards which were not a standard feature on the base Coupe.
  For 1976 and '77 the customer ordered a base M27 Coupe and asked for the Z87 Sport Styling Package.  For the 1978 model year, the Sport Coupe was given it's own VIN# code and was an R27 model Monza so the Z87 RPO Code was dropped since ordering an R27 Monza meant you were getting a Sport Coupe.

Below is part of Chevrolet Dealer Ordering Guide outlining the basic differences and similarities between the standard Monza Coupe and the Monza Sport Coupe.
Monza Sport Coupe Production
1976 - 1,808
1977 - 2,714
1978 - 6,823
TOTAL Monza Sport Coupes - 11,345
Sport Coupe