1979 Buick Skyhawk 'Road Hawk' Part's Cars
1979 Buick Skyhawk 'Road Hawk' Part's Cars
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     I picked up my first 1979 Road Hawk for parts in Windsor, ON, for the grand total of ... nothing, just the gas down and back.  Borrowed a tow dolly from a buddy and was there and back in a few hours.  This car (VIN#4S07A97409145) was a gutted wreck, huge holes in the floors, doors and body, no drivetrain, no interior, just a shell.  Basically just good for rims, Road Hawk quarter panels and rear spoiler, lights and front and rear facias.  All were scavenged and the car junked.

ABOVE: Shortly after purchase in 1979
BELOW: How it looked the day I picked it up in 2004

     I purchased the 2nd 1979 part's Road Hawk for $500 US in Fayetteville, PA on October 11, 2003 while on the way to the 2003 Monza/Vega Meet at Island Dragway in Great Meadows N.J. where my black '80 Spyder won "Best of Show" (Thanks Guys).  4S07A97411234 has the standard Buick 3.8L 231ci V6 engine with a Saginaw 4-speed transmission and a 2.56 posi-rear end.  
     Anyways, this car was pretty beat up and definitely was showing it's age.  Rust was everywhere and upon further investigation, I determined that the car would only be worthy as a parts car, just too many areas with serious rust damage (lower A-arm mounts, rear control arm mounts etc, etc).  
     Regardless, the Road Hawk parts were present except for the front air dam and those alone are worth the price paid for the car.  The quarter panel inserts, the rear spoiler, the Road Hawk white seats and the emblems were all present in various stages of decay but all salvageable and since Road Hawk's are so very rare, this one had to be saved.  
     Along with the Road Hawk, the price paid included the white interior of a 77 Buick Skyhawk (unfortunately not 'Oyster' that I need for my Road Hawk) and some other assorted Skyhawk pieces (a complete aluminum 'targa' top, NOS 'Buick', 'Skyhawk' and 'V6' emblems).

The 3rd part's Road Hawk I picked up was a 1980 in Calgary, AB and I got it for $800 Canadian plus the cost of a new fuel pump and shipping (car had to be running in order to ship it across Canada).  This car  (VIN# 4S07AA7407651) is complete, in very good shape and after I took the few parts I needed from it (including the impossible-to-find, intact, undamaged front air dam), I sold it to a friend who's own 1980 Road Hawk was beyond saving and needed a good shell to start over.

ABOVE: Totally intact front air dam
BELOW: Just missing the rear spoiler