Chevrolet MONZA
Sport Stripe Package
   On the Coupe (at left), the stripe starts at the front fender running to the quarter panel and curved up to the roof behind the quarter window.
Below are the colours available and a chart outlining all five 1980 Sport Stripe options available and what interior and exterior they were matched with.
   The Monza Sport Stripe package was a unique appearance package that was available for the 1979 and 1980 model years and was given an RPO code of DX5 by Chevrolet for both years.  This package was an appearance package only. 

Originally, the 1979 Sport Stripe package was only available for the Monza Wagon.  The striping included 3 colours and was a wide band running from the fender all the way back to the end of the quarter panel then turning up behind the rear side window to the roofline.  There were four colour striping packages, Gold, Blue, Red and Green.  The striping packages offered were based upon the interior and exterior colour combinations ordered by the buyer.  Below shows the striping location and colour combination packages below.
Later on in the 1979 model year (January 8, 1979), Chevrolet decided to expand the DX5 option to include Coupes and Hatchback models. Rather than use the wide striping found on the Monza Wagon, GM scaled down the striping in both size and colours.  The 'new' package included five colour combinations of 2-colour sport stripes running the full length of the car.  The colours of the stripes were pre-determined based upon the exterior and interior colours chosen by the buyer.  On the Monza Hatchback or Sport Hatchback (right), the stripes ran the length of the car from the front fender to the end of the rear quarter panel.
Monza Sport Stripe Production
1979 - 2,930
1980 - 11,806