The Monza for 1978 saw enormous changes and additions, both inside and out.  Not only did outward appearances get a makeover but inside and under the hood saw additions and advancements as well.  Chevrolet went from 2 basic
Monza models in 1977 to offering 6 base model Monzas
for 1978.  Continuing along were the Coupe and Sport
Hatchback but Chevrolet added a Sport Coupe, a
Hatchback, an ‘S’ Hatchback Coupe and a Wagon to fill
out the Monza lineup.  The Sport Coupe featured the
front end of a Sport Hatchback (replacing the Z87 option code) while the Hatchback featured the front end of the Coupe.  Chevrolet then added Vega styling to the Monza lineup and using the                                                                        body of the Vega Hatchback added a Monza Coupe front                                                                     facia to it.  The same thing was done with a Vega                                                                                  Kammback, using the same Monza Coupe front facia to                                                                       disguise the ‘Vega’ as a Monza Wagon. 
                                                                       The front facia of the Sport models is redesigned                                                                             allowing more airflow into the radiator and also giving                                                                         the Sport a new look.  The grill opening now extends across the entire width of the car with a script ‘MONZA’ emblem centred inside the opening.  The quad headlights remain but the openings are smaller
and give the Sport models a more streamlined look.  The
Coupe also has a redesigned front facia which features a
large grill opening with bright cross moldings and a
Chevrolet logo front and center.   The facia also has a
distinct slope-back style not found on the earlier Towne
    With changes on the outside came changes inside. 
Pontiac introduced a new L4 powerplant, dubbed the ‘Iron Duke’, it was a 2.5L 151ci L4 cast-iron engine.  This engine is the new standard Monza powerplant and a replacement for the old Vega                                                                    2.3L 140ci aluminum engine.  Not to be outdone, Buick                                                                        also came out with a new engine, a 3.2L 196ci V6.  This                                                                        was a smaller sibling to the also new (… to the Monza, it                                                                      was already a regular with the Skyhawk, Starfire &                                                                               Sunbird) 3.8L 231ci V6 engine.  The 305 V8 still remains                                                                       for the buyer requiring a little more power under the                                                                            hood.
                                                                       Other new features for the Monza include 7 new                                                                               exterior colours, new vinyl and cloth interior trim choices, new bright chrome bumpers and bumper rub strips, standard wheel covers for all models, new front seat belts, new cloth covered headliners and a quiet sound group.
    The Monza still offers 14 exterior colours, 5 wheel and
wheel cover choices, vinyl rooftop covers in 7 colours,
bucket seats, colour-keyed instrument panel and
steering wheel and 6 basic interior colour options.  The
Spyder Equipment (Z01) and Spyder Appearance (Z02)
return for a second year with no changes from the 1977
model year's offerings. 
1978 Chevrolet Monza
1978 Chevrolet Monza
1978 Monza Production Totals
37,878 - Monza Coupe's
36,227 - Monza 2+2 Hatchback's
28,845 - Monza 2+2 Sport Hatchback's
24,255 - Monza Wagon's
  6,823 - Monza Sport Coupe's
  2,478 - Monza Estate Wagon's
  2,326 - Monza 'S' Hatchback Coupe's
A total of 138,832 Monza's were produced in 1978