1976, the Monza is back on the
assembly line for year number
two.  The same base cars are
produced once again, the Monza
Towne Coupe and the Monza 2+2
Sport Hatchback.  Chevrolet does
offer a new package for the Monza
this year.  The Spyder name is
brought out of retirement (it was
previously used on Chevrolet's
Corvair Monza of the '60's).  This
package was basically a
performance package.  It included
items such as large sway bars,
special shocks, sport steering
wheel, steel belted radials, wheel
opening mouldings, day/night
inside mirror, special
instrumentation, floor console and
woodgrain accents.  The only appearance part of the 'Spyder' package was a script "Spyder" metal badge on the front fenders. 
    Only 3 engines were available for 1976 and 2 were L4 engines, and the only difference being that 1 had a one barrel carb while the
                                         other had a 2 barrel carurator.  The other
                                         available engine was a 4.3L V8 engine with a
                                         net horsepower of 110.  All engines were
                                         available with 3, 4 and 5-speed or
                                         Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmissions.
                                              The Towne Coupe was available with or
                                         without the vinyl Cabriolet roof.  The 'Cabriolet Equipment' package was only available for the Coupe and included the padded vinyl roof, Opera-style windows, stitched istrument panel pad with woodgrain inserts and a special 2-spoke steering wheel with woodgrain insert and colour keyed to match the interior colour chosen.  Lastly, there was a 'Sport Equipment' package that was also available for the Coupe.  The Sport packge included body-coloured finned
wheel covers with argent painted
edges, bright windshield and rear
window wouldnings with black
trim, front sway bar, body
coloured high-back bucket seats,
knit cloth and vinyl or all vinyl upholstery, and GM's Quiet Sound Group insulation. 
    All Monza's included the following items including moulded soft door trim panels with map pockets, nylon cut-pile carpeting, flow-through ventilation, floor mount transmission, lower transmission tunnel and a cigarette lighter.
    The Monza 2+2 Sport Hatchback was not available any 'packages' except the Spyder package.  Basically the hatchback included quad
                                       rectangular healights, front and rear facis with
                                       hydraulic-style bumpers, full width hatchback
                                       rear 'door', wraparound taillights, finned wheel
                                       covers, 2-spoke steering wheel, Quiet Sound
                                       Group, stitched instrument panel and the
                                       same seating available in the Monza Coupe's Sport package.
    As with all vehicles, a number of extra options were available upon request and included some new items.  Available options included adjustable driver's seat back, air conditioning, various radio, tape and 8-track sound systems,
rear seat speaker, rear window
defrost, electric clock, tint glass,
auxiliary lighting, twin sport
mirrors, tilt steering, stowaway
spare and rook luggage carrier. 
These options were considered
comfort and convenience while
the following list included
appearance options.  Velour seating, coloured seat-belts, 2-spoke steering wheel with bright trim, full centre consol, bumper guards, rear spoiler and front air dam (on hatchback only), body side moulding, aluminum door edge guards, wheel covers, forged 10-hole aluminum wheels and the new Skyroof with tinted reflective glass.   
    The following were considered Mechanical items and included 3, 5 speed and auto transmissions, available rear axle ratios (3.42, 2.93), positraction, Econominder guage package, sport suspension, power brakes and steering, Freedom heavy duty battery and a heavy duty radiator.
1976 Chevrolet Monza
1976 Chevrolet Monza
1976 Monza Production Totals
46,735 - Monza Towne Coupe's
34,170 - Monza 2+2 Sport Hatchback's
A total of 80,905 Monza's were produced in 1976